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  • Xmas Music Station 2023

    Xmas Music Station 2023

    Xmas for Moms and Xmas for Freaks are back for 2023 with so much new music added that it’s actually been a real job to get it all organized. Once again it’s 24/7 commercial free secular and non-secular, normal and wierd holiday music that everybody can enjoy. Go to and click play for the perfect holiday musical background.


  • Soft Rock & Ridgewood Radio Launch

    Soft Rock & Ridgewood Radio Launch

    This is a new Radio station based in Ridgewood, Queens, NYC. As of now, it’s streaming soft rock and soft-rock-adjacent genres. WRWR plays 24/7 with no interruptions. It has no corporate affiliations or sponsors. It was created out of a love for radio and a need for relaxing music on demand. It’s unclear if Soft Rock will always be the programming, but for now please enjoy the smooth satin tones.


*How to make your own radio station*:

This station was made using RadioBoss. It’s a cloud based program for managing an audio stream. It has everything you need to build a station of your very own.

Help migrants who have recently arrived in NYC by donating to

Make The Road

Fuck Spotify, listen to Radio

If you appreciate the music here, please donate money or goods to Team TLC NYC so that they can help welcome migrants to our community with what they need to literally survive this cold winter. You can find their Donorbox donation link on their site here.

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About WRWR: This site was built by Denise K., and artist living in Queens. Other musical projects she’s been a part of are Satin Island Radio, Xmastime Radio, and Late At Nite. If you appreciate this station consider leaving a tip to help keep it on the air. There’s no cost to listen ever. Music is for everyone.